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The first answer concerns the impact of bankruptcy on eligibility for student loans. The second answer discusses whether student loans can be discharged .

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If you can successfully prove undue hardship, your student loan will be . Q: Will a bankruptcy discharge of my student loans affect my future ability to get .

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Jun 6, 2011 . A previous bankruptcy can affect eligibility for some education loans but it does not affect eligibility for other forms of financial aid.

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Depending upon the type of bankruptcy that is filed and approved by the court ( either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 for individuals) depends on your .

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Aug 3, 2008 . Can student loans be dismissed through bankruptcy? How will declaring . How do interest rates affect student loans? What is student loan .

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Jun 19, 2007 . o How does bankruptcy affect a student's eligibility to qualify for future loans? 1. Since the Bankruptcy Reform Act enacted in October 1994, .

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Can bankruptcy affect getting approved for a student loan
Yes it can. A personal bankruptcy indicates that a person is a poor money manager, and any lender will be unlikely to want to lend to a bankrupt individual.

How does bankruptcy affect student loan wage garnishment
Government insured student loans are exempt from the Bk process. They must be paid. However, they will not collect money from you until the bankruptcy is .

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A parent's bankruptcy filing generally does not affect their children's eligibility for a student loan, unless they are required as a cosigner on the loan.

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Can I keep my assets? How does bankruptcy affect credit card and medical debts ? Can bankruptcy help with my student loans or tax debts? What will happen to .

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