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Chapter 4: Inflation rots the fabric of a nation, but it does wipe out debt.
Inflation is an addictive drug. At first it is very stimulating; with falling unemployment and greater prosperity, but like any other drug you need larger and larger .

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Things Are About To Get Much Worse - Seeking Alpha
Aug 24, 2011 . What does a street fighting man like you make of all this? . it would be a sign runaway inflation was coming, and readers might need their survivalist retreats, . And think about it: What happens if you wipe out these debts?

We Can't Inflate Our Way Out of the Debt Crisis ... So What CAN We ...
Mar 12, 2010 . Hyperinflation might wipe out that debt, but also your tax base. Financial Week notes: Analysis shows even a sizable hike in CPI won't do much .

New Statesman - What's so bad about inflation?
Oct 15, 2009 . It doesn't just wipe out debts, it wipes out people's hard-earned . In any case, if we had lots of inflation we would know what to do about it.

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Archived-Articles: Inflation: The Last Gasp of the Obama Economic ...
Aug 3, 2010 . They do not possess the knowledge to manage it. . While it is true that a hyperinflation will wipe out debts, it will also wipe out the value of .

Five Reasons Why the U.S. Government Benefits from Creating ...
Sep 15, 2009 . If you have a lot of debts then inflation is a good thing because it can wipe them out. The bad news is that if also wipes out your savings. As your .

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Gold Isn't the Best Protection Against Inflation: Matthew Lynn ...
Dec 7, 2009 . How else can we explain the fact that oil has ticked up past $70 a barrel even while we're living . Inflation will effectively wipe out all that debt.

Hyperinflation of the Weimar Republic in 1923 Germany
How did some people manage to save their capital while a few speculators made . Their debt was wiped out within weeks by the rapid inflation, and the .

Housing market - inflation paradox - General Discussion and ...
Can anyone cite historical examples of falling housing/property. . will effectively wipe out the debt on their home because if inflation starts to go .

What You Should Know About Inflation
Contradictory Goals; Administered Inflation; Easy Money has an End; Can Inflation Merely Creep? How to Wipe Out Debt; The Cost-Price Squeeze; The .

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