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Find out about student loans to cover tuition fees for higher education courses . Please note that this website has a UK government accesskeys system. . Part- time students can apply for a Tuition Fee Loan for the first time from 2012/13. . Student finance: teacher training courses · Finance for NHS and social work courses .

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Paying back your student loan: courses starting after 1 September ...
Please note that this website has a UK government accesskeys system. . Students can pay back all or some of their loan at any time without incurring an early repayment charge. . You need to work out and make your own repayments .

How do student loan repayments work? - The Guardian
Feb 8, 2007 . Q My daughter is finishing university in June. She is worried about how to repay the three student loans she has taken out, as she is far from .

Student Loans fund your course without debts - Students - Guides ...
Student Loans How to fund your course without getting into serious debt. . . The cost of starting a further education course can become a nightmare. . Part Time Job Keep your eyes open for part time jobs that can work along side your course and give you extra money that is yours .

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Student loans: how the various schemes work - Telegraph
Dec 15, 2010 . . There are two types of student loan, the older "mortgage" style and the current "income" type. . The names can be misleading; graduates may think a "mortgage style" loan mean they graduate with far larger .

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Student Loans - Complete University Guide
All UK students in all four UK countries are eligible for government-funded loans . have to take out student loans although the vast majority of students do but we . And you only have to start thinking about it then if you are in work and your .

Repaying the student loan
You can also get more information in the booklet 'Student loans: A guide to terms . If you live outside the UK or are working abroad for a non-UK employer, you .

Should I repay student loan?: Better to save or clear debt, inc calc...
The way student loans work varies radically depending on . If base rate changes dramatically, this can rise, up to a . The 21000 threshold will start to rise with UK average .

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